Review Round-Up

Jim Clements' A Failure is _unequivocally the best album of 2018_ (1).jpg

The record has received some wonderful reviews, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite ones here…

“A Failure is an embodiment of Jim Clements’ entire career thus far, capturing his best attributes in their most athletic form ever. He works his way through the eight churning songs…, gripping us with his ingenious lyrics and throttling our nerves with his penetrative music… This is unequivocally the best album of 2018…. It’s unparalleled for its time and will undoubtedly be considered a classic in the future.“ - No Depression

“Jim Clements’ new album isn’t just the most beautiful record I’ve heard in the last couple of years, it’s a treasure chest of emotional confessions that bring us a little closer to the greatest folk musician alive today.” - NeuFutur

“It’s clever and engaging gloom. But, just as importantly, it’s also a damn fine collection of tunes. Not a failure then. In fact something of a downbeat triumph.” - Backseat Mafia

“Despite the general somber tones and haunting, classical tinged atmospheres throughout, A Failure is an exercise in exploring life’s darkness but happily “fails” to live up to its title.” - That JW Vibe

“Jim Clements music is notoriously nimble and tightly wound, but this record is by far his most meticulously crafted. Everything inA Failure has its place, and stays there, under the studious command of Clements and his emotionally charged swagger that ignites passion with every lyric he sings…. A Failure will make you laugh, cry, reflect and, more than anything else, it will make you excited about modern music again.” - Vents Magazine

A Failure isn’t for the faint of heart, but to say that it’s anything other than the finest singer/songwriter LP that I’ve heard in quite some time would be a straight up lie. Even when it feels like he’s about slam head first into a brick wall in the album’s more self-centered moments, Clements has a magical way of making even the most personal of tracks relatable to us in some fashion… This is a record for the ages.” - Indie Band Guru

'‘It’s a step up for Clements’ already sterling body of work, and might just be the record to bring his cherished underground sound into the mainstream once and for all, where most of us can agree he has always truly belonged.” - Gashouse Radio

“Jim Clements hasn’t just given us another amazing album to celebrate – he’s lobbed off a piece of his being and offered it to us as a sacrifice.” - Music Existence

“Sure, it's bleak and desolate, but it's also original, touching, and elegant.” - Daily Vault