Writing "A Failure"

Writing "A Failure"

I've been asked more than once about how I managed to get the album done considering the demands of the job, adulthood, parenthood. My "method" (or whatever you might call it) was gifted to me by a piece of writing from the novelist Christian Kiefer, which I've shared below. I'm going to write a bit about what I learned from it, because perhaps it will help pull you out of a rut, like it did for me. (Read More…)

Hear the second single, "The Comet I Was Waiting For"

I'm very happy to share the second single from my new album, "The Comet I Was Waiting For." You can watch the lyric video at the link below.

This is a song about a particular moment in my life in which I realized I was blaming everyone except myself for my failures, and looking to everyone except myself to fix things. I still do both of those things, of course, but now with a heightened sense of self-awareness.

Pre-Order/Crowdfunding Campaign Begins!

Today, I begin a 30-day pre-order/campaign for the new album, "A Failure."  Click this link to visit the pre-order page.

Every donation above the $15 mark gets an early copy of the album, plus some additional perks for those able to donate at the higher levels. I've recorded a great album on a shoestring, but it's still more of a shoestring than my credit cards can handle, so any support you can provide is appreciated.

Hear "Not A Lot Of Blood" - The first single from "A Failure"

Hear "Not A Lot Of Blood" - The first single from "A Failure"

Click the image to view the lyric video for "Not A Lot Of Blood," the first single from Jim Clements's new album “A Failure." You can also download the single to listen on your own time by clicking the link below:

Not a Lot of Blood (MP3, 320kbps, 6.7MB) (Right-click to download)

"A Failure" - The Musicians

Jim is joined on "A Failure" by musicians from albums' past, including singer/songwriter Kevin Quain (keys) who previously played on 2004's Kill Devil Hills, Dave Gooblar (keys) from 2008's When The Saints Go, and Richard Clements (piano) and Meghan Engel (strings) from 2011's The Road To Anhedonia.. Jim is also joined by some new faces, including Dave Tompkins (bass), Ashley Karlin (vocals), and Shawn Nourse (drums).