A Failure Playlist #4: Pain

Pain (1).jpg

This one isn't an easy listen, but it has some fantastic songs on it. Inspired by "I Am Here For You" from "A Failure," here's a playlist of songs about pain, featuring Vic Chesnutt, The Velvet Underground, The Twilight Sad, Japan, and PIL, among others. 


Of "I Am Here For You," one reviewer wrote "not even Joy Division’s most existential songs cut as deep as this one does," which is one way of saying it's not a very happy song. I wrote it well over a decade ago, and, while I was proud of it,  I left it off two albums. This was in part because it was so different to anything else I was writing, and in part because it was so raw that I was a bit nervous to share it. 

In many ways, the entire new album, so much heavier and more direct than anything I've done before, was created to give a proper home to this song, now that I'm far enough away from the time of composition to be comfortable with it.

Enjoy the new playlist. You can access the others (Dreams & Visions, Unreliable Narrators, and Relationships) on my Spotify Artist page. Give us a follow while you're there.