A Failure Playlist #3: Relationships

Here's the third playlist based on a song from "A Failure." This time it's "Relationships," inspired by "The Comet I Was Waiting For," and contains songs by Fiona Apple, Kevin Quain, Soft Cell, The Mountain Goats and The Blue Nile.


I've spoken a lot about "Comet" in various places, so I'll spare you from the whole story here, but, in a miserable nutshell, it's about blaming everyone other than myself for my failings, and looking everywhere other than at myself for a solution. It has some jokes in it, too. The first verse is a bit of a play on Leonard Cohen's "Is This What You Wanted?" and the "Peggy" in the final verse is Ms. Peggy Lee.

You can hear the previous playlists on my Spotify Artist page here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/163CaiCGXol29svYIEt4M4?si=KGGeBFe4TWmqinsGyn964A

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