"A Failure" Playlist #1: Dreams and Visions

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This is the first of eight playlists each based on a song from "A Failure." First up, for "Saul's Blood (A Dream)": Dreams And Visions. 

"Saul's Blood (A Dream)" came to me, at least partly, in a dream. I was at a strange venue in the wood, watching Emmylou Harris  singing a song called "Saul's Blood," which just consisted of the line, "Where are you going with Saul's Blood?" over and over again. When I woke up, the melody and lyric was lodged in my head, I looked up the song to see if it was a real song, and I couldn't find it anywhere. 

I took it as a gift from my subconscious, and decided to finish the song by drawing an a strange recurring dream that I'd been having over several years: I'd be looking for someone I loved in a strange wilderness. When I eventually found them, they were in deep conversatiion with group of people I didn't know, and when I approached, they acted as if they didn't know who I am (You don't need a degree in psychology to unravel that one).

My challenge for this song was to let it be as strange as the dream, and not feel the need to pin everything down. The final recording was helped so much by Ashley Karlin's vocals in the bridge, which do such a great job of conveying the disconnectedness of the dream. 

For this playlist, I've compiled some of my favorite dream-like, visionary songs. Let me know which of your favorites you think I missed in the comments below!