Meet The Band (2 of 2)

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Meet The Band #2

I also had the privilege of working with some new (to me) LA-based talent on this album. David Tomkins (top left) is the creative force behind prog-rock group The Shadow Principle, and was vastly over-qualified to play bass on my album.

I heard my pal Ashley Karlin (top right) playing a Linda Thompson song and knew I wanted her to sing harmony with me on almost every song on this record. The unique sound of this album has a lot to do with the real seventies-sounding harmony parts she wrote.

Brian Rosemeyer (bottom left) recorded all the guitar and vocals at Mant Sounds in LA, created the final mix, and provided all sorts of inspiration along the way.

And Shawn Nourse (bottom right) played and recorded all the drums at his studio Nourse by Northwest, and was such a joy to work with. Thanks to you all!

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