"A Failure" is now available!

album-release-02 (1).jpg

The record is now available. You can buy the record here, or from Amazon, iTunes, or any of the usual suspects. You can also stream the record from Spotify.

The reviews are starting to come through, and I’ll post more soon. In the meantime, here are a few snippets:

“A Failure is rife with guttural truths and intrepid questions that make us feel a myriad of emotions all at once, not dissimilar to any other work of art you might find in a high end gallery somewhere.” - No Depression

“My personal choice for album of the year…. This is Clements’ magnum opus; the full realization of his magnetizing sound after years of dedicated cultivation and devotion to working out every little kink in his style.” - Indieshark

“Jim Clements music is notoriously nimble and tightly wound, but this record is by far his most meticulously crafted. Everything in A Failure has its place, and stays there, under the studious command of Clements and his emotionally charged swagger that ignites passion with every lyric he sings.” - Vent Magazine