Jim Clements

The New Album By Jim Clements

Recorded under the working title "My Blood On The Tracks," the now-titled The Road To Anhedonia is, well, Jim Clements' Blood On The Tracks, (although probably a bit less good).

Unlike other, more successful breakup records, Jim didn't record it alone in a cabin in the woods, but rather with all his friends in sunny Vancouver, which was less poetic, but much more fun.

It follows the basic narrative: person is unhappy in a relationship, person happily leaves relationship, person finds himself to be unhappy on his own, person gets slightly happier due to the natural passage of time, and then finally becomes really quite happy when all is said and done, although somewhat laden with regret, particularly late at night, and after a few drinks.

Unless you listen on shuffle, in which case it's quite confusing.

It is slightly more country than the last record, which is good if you like that kind of thing, and probably quite disappointing if you don't. But, if you've ever been sad (or happy, come to think of it) there's probably something here for you.
"An absolute clinic on witty lyrics and raw emotion... I rank Jim Clements among some of the finest practitioners of the songwriting craft” (Nanobot)

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